Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Halloween!!!!

JJ had a variety of costumes to choose from but tonight he was "Bumble Bee" the Transformer! Halloween he was Buzz Light Year. Look on Brits blog for that picture. We all decided Bailey was WAY to cute for a monster. We LOVED it! The group picture was the very best we could get!! Heather and Chad won the BEST costume for the adults!!!!!


Bentley was our "Cinderella"!

Brightyn was are little Punk Rocker!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bentley playing Big Girl giving Brightyn a ride!

These two were soooo funny. They just kept going and going. As you can tell Bri Bri was loving it! Bentley can be such a little mommy when she wants to!!!!!

Bailey is growing like a weed!

JJ and Papa doing yard work!

So I just could not resist taking a few pictures while Steve was out working, JJ bagged Papa to help and the next thing I know JJ is not only helping but actually operating the machine. Needless to say he would have STAYED OUT ALL DAY is Papa would have lasted longer!!! Now of course he is constantly asking to" work in Papa's truck"?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Big Brother!!!

So I just wanted to take a minute to wish my Big Brother a Happy Birthday! Brad, I don't take the time to let you know how much you mean to me but I LOVE you a ton! It was always so nice to have a big brother watching out for me. I remember when I was probably 6 you taking me to the park when one of the big kids started pushing me around so you stuck up for me...however I think you ended up with a ripped shirt and bloody nose. But, I knew my big brother would always protect me! I also remember walking home from school one day asking you about Christmas & Santa explained to me better than Mom & Dad could have about the TRUE meaning of Christmas. When I started to cry because my fantasy had been broken, you put your arm around me and comforted me!!! You were only a boy yourself but the compassion and love you showed me was beyond your years. The year Daddy was in the hospital for Christmas you were the one that helped Mom make sure we had a tree and decorated so Christmas would be good for all of us. You continued to tell us to keep praying and have faith because you just KNEW he would be home before Christmas and we had to have everything ready for him. You were right, he came home Christmas Eve!!!! You were always such a great example to me. (well most of the time...hehe!) You continued that role of protector even in High putting a few of the guys I dated in their place when they tried to cross a line. I want you to know I loved having a big brother, except when you gave Lynette and I knuckle sandwiches!!!!! Those we could have lived without. When Daddy died you continued to take good care of all of us. It's a good thing that you have such broad shoulders because they were leaned on often! Today I hope that you have a FANTASTIC DAY because you deserve it! Laugh for sure because your laugh is contagious and everyone will laugh with you making this day perfect for the whole world. I LOVE you big brother!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Random Pictures

Our wild hair little girl or as Brock would say "Our little Socket!"
Big Brother loving Lil Sister!!!
Bailey's 1st Christmas!
Bentley and JJ having lunch with Mimi
Just "Chillin at the Mall"